About Us

IWT is a development company that privately finances, designs, constructs, and operates waste processing facilities. IWT uses the Thermoselect technology, a patented process, incorporating high temperature gasification to recycle municipal waste into clean energy and useful products.


IWT maintains offices in: Middleburg, Virginia; Charles County, Maryland; and Malvern, Pennsylvania.


IWT contracts with a major design/build team for each project. The design/build team provides a 100% payment and performance bond and guarantee of the price, schedule and performance of the facility.


IWT contracts with a major operations and maintenance contractor for each project. The O&M contractor provides necessary bonds and guarantees in support of their work.


Examples of contractors currently working with IWT include Burns & Roe, SNC Lavalin, Veolia Environmental Services and RTP Environmental Services.


IWT is currently working with Morgan Stanley for the financing of three of its projects.